How to Take Off Acrylic Nails at Home Without Damage

How to Remove Acrylic Nails

If you’re looking for ways to remove your acrylic nails at home, we have some tips and tricks that can help. Acrylic nails are a popular way to add length and style to your look, but when it comes time for them to come off, there are a few things you should know. Taking off acrylic nails without acetone is possible – here’s how!

How to Remove Acrylic Nails Without Acetone?

Soak Your Nails

The first step in removing your acrylics without using acetone is soaking them in warm water with soap or shampoo added in. This helps loosen the adhesive bond between the nail bed and the artificial nail so they can be removed more easily later on. You may need several rounds of this process before all of the glue has been softened enough for removal; just make sure not to leave them soaking too long as it could damage both natural and fake nails alike!

Use an Orange Stick

Once most of the glue has been loosened up from soaking, use an orange stick (or any other thin tool) gently push back against each side of each artificial nail until they start coming loose from their base layer underneath – don’t try prying too hard though as this could cause damage or breakage!

Buff Away Residue

After successfully taking off all of your fake fingernails , use a buffer block (or even just plain sandpaper!) buff away any remaining residue left behind by either glues used during application or leftover bits still clinging onto individual pieces after removal was complete – if necessary repeat steps 1-3 again if needed until everything looks clean & fresh once again!

Moisturize Your Hands

Finally , make sure not forget about moisturizing afterwards ! It’s important keep hands hydrated throughout entire process ensure no dryness occurs due excessive exposure acetone-free removers like soap/shampoo mixture mentioned earlier ; apply generous amount lotion once finished buffing away last traces residue then let sit few minutes absorb into skin completely before washing hands one final time wash away excess product build up.